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In 1999...

Kerry Kingston left Alias Wavefront to start her freelancing career. In 2002 she was joined by Lee Irvine and together they created Bluesmith.

In 2006 Lee left to work with a major communications company to focus on rendering and imaging. He's also turned into a great photographer, have a look at some of Lee's sports photography, and his brilliant People and Places photos.

So now Bluesmith is just Kerry, and she focusses exclusively on offering the highest level of Alias modelling skills and experience in project work, training publications and consultancy.

Kerry Kingston

I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and went on to work with Alias on the transition of AliasStudio into a serious modelling tool and the development of Maya.

Since going freelance I've worked with some of the best designers in the world on some really exciting projects. And a few boring ones, but I worked hard anyway....

Thanks to all my customers who kept me off the streets for the past 12 years...

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