Hairdryer modellied in Alias studio

Rendering by Mark Segarsby using HDR Light Studio

Alias software

If your company already uses Autodesk Alias software, you know that it is the premium modeling software for complex surfaces shapes, and is used extensively in automotive, marine, packaging and product design.

It's a niche software that is best used for freeform designs where aesthetic criteria are paramount, and where engineering CAD systems struggle to achieve the subtle sculptural shapes required.

Hire a person on-site

Laptop, software and skills. A consultant will join your team offering the expert Alias modelling skills you need to complete your design.

Remote CAD support

We work from our offices, and 'waiting time' isn't charged for. We know that you have to wait for responses from clients, and do creative work yourselves in-between the CAD modelling. By only charging you for the actual work done, you get the most economical 'on-demand' service available.

Creative Control

Throughout the process we feed back 3D designs so that you have full creative control of the final product. Have you tried the new 3D PDF format? Its great for sharing 3D concepts with marketing clients who don't have CAD software.

Quality Control

Unlike a contract agency, you know the individual designer who will support your project. I will only commit to a project where I know I can do the job well, and deliver on time. And by working for myself I can put the effort in where it's needed, and take time out when I need to keep life balanced.


Work is charged either at a fixed day-rate, or a quote can be made for a whole job. Contact us to discuss fees and availability.