Ilona 72m Superyacht

Wireframe Alias image of Ilona yacht

The Ilona superyacht was designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon, and was a 'first' for both of us. It was the largest project I had taken on, and for RWD it was the first time they'd used 3D CAD to realise their concepts.

With some late nights and a lot of discussion, skill-sharing and iteration, we cracked it. Solving tricky three-quarter contours and always striving to create the most beautiful superyacht we could.

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This project shows how a company can get into using high-end 3D CAD in a safe, risk-free way.

When they hired Bluesmith, Kerry brought all the equipment, software and skills with her. They only paid for the work they needed doing, and they were up to full speed instantly.

At the end of the project, RWD could reflect and assess the impact it had on their business, and plan their future CAD strategy without making any expensive mistakes.

Ilona Super yacht by Redman Whiteley Dixon