Engineering CAD or Alias?

Unfortunately my three year's work on mobile phones is still confidential, so I can't show anything here.So instead I'll explore when you might want to use Alias on complex consumer electronics.

Engineering CAD systems are great for handling large complex assemblies, like handsets. And if the forms are geometric, then they are the obvious choice.

But the joy of innovation means that as soon as a sharp technical look has stolen the market, someone will turn the whole thing on its head and create soft, smooth retro forms.

It requires the highest level of Class A surfacing skills to create these seemingly simple forms, and for them to be accurate enough to go all the way through to manufacture without being rebuilt and the subtlety lost.

So I created a tutorial for the AliasDesign community site exploring the methododolgy that can be used to construct 'mercury-like' smooth forms.

Images from Bluesmith web tutorial

Have a look at the full tutorial , and other useful guides on the AliasDesign community website

Title images from Bluesmith web tutorialn