2011 & 2012 Learning Movies

Concise, detailed lessons in all the new features of Alias 2011 and 2012, created by Kerry Kingston. Download or watch the movies listed on the right. (Large files, from 8Mb to 50 Mb.)

Curriculum Materials

Written by Kerry Kingston and Jeanette Dressel, the curriculum features a unique and innovative teaching technique for schools and universities. By embedding notes within geometry files, students can progress at their own pace and a large class can be successfully managed by a tutor, even if they aren't Alias experts themselves.

download Curriculum Brochure pdf

Learning Alias Training Manual

This is where most people start their Alias journey. Bluesmith were contracted to write all new modeling exercises for the book, and it now provides most people's 'Level 1' training.

Books are a bit 'last century'. So more recently Bluesmith was commissioned to contribute to the Alias Community website (see right), where you'll find tips and tricks from many experienced users and teachers.

download Learning Alias pdf (29Mb)

ICEM to Alias Transition Guide

It was fascinating to learn about the ICEM workflow when writing this guide. Modellers who grew up with ICEM really know their stuff, and when they transition to using Alias they don't need re-training, just pointing in the right direction.

download ICEM2AliasStudio.pdf (40Mb)

Video Tutorials 2012

Video Tutorials 2011

Bluesmith Tutorials